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AquaEndo is a light water that is lightly mineralized and very low in sodium.

It promotes detoxification of the body and, in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, can really make a difference if you are watching your weight or battling cellulite.

It is suitable as an adjuvant to treat certain endocrine and metabolic conditions.


Too many high-calorie meals, fast food when you’re on the go, and a sedentary lifestyle: these are doing your health no good. Indeed, ever-increasing levels of obesity are the direct consequence of a poor lifestyle. Obesity and being overweight are a significant risk factor for many diseases and are now among the major public health problems of our times. To counteract excess weight and to stay healthy, it is essential to develop a healthy lifestyle: eat a balanced diet, do physical activity, and of course ... drink plenty of water. Drinking the right amount of waterat least two liters – as part of your daily nutrition goes a long way to ensuring that the excess pounds stay off.

Water is the main component in our body: it accounts for around 60% of our body weight and is a key element in the physiological processes that occur in our body. 

But beware! Not all water is the same: each one performs a precise biological role based on its structure and its chemical-physical characteristics. For example, fixed residue – i.e. the quantity of minerals dissolved in the water – is one of the most important factors, as it determines how light water is. Thus, it is essential to choose the water that is most appropriate to your needs, according to your phase of life and any medical conditions that you may have.

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AQUAENDO, 1 liter

Six-bottle packs

Water intended for human consumption in compliance with the requirements of Legislative Decree 31/2001


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