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Drink at regular intervals throughout the day. Drink natural, noncarbonated water that is cool but not cold.


Kidney stones are a widespread condition among the population, with a higher frequency during the hottest periods of the year. Excess waste substances in the urine are sometimes deposited in the renal cavities, leading to hard, crystallized formations that can grow and progress into tiny stones. It is fairly straightforward to get rid of small stones (the so-called gravel). Larger stones, on the other hand, can obstruct the urinary tract, resulting in infections and painful colic. After your first bout of colic, there is a very high risk of further outbreaks.

Why Do Kidney Stones Form?

The main conditions favoring the formation of kidney stones are: 

a low volume of urine (less than two liters of urine per day); 

an increase in the concentration of certain elements (calcium, sodium, oxalates, etc.) in the urine; 

a reduction of the substances in the urine that can inhibit crystallization.

What Can I Do to Avoid Them?

The entire scientific community agrees that increasing your intake of liquids during the day is the easiest and most effective way to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Drinking at least two liters of oligomineral water a day causes urine volume to increase. This, in turn, causes the concentration of elements leading to the formation of stones to decrease while also promoting the spontaneous expulsion of crystals.

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